Why I Should Be Your Next Deep Fried Ambassador at the N.C. State Fair (with video)

Gentle Readers, when I announced that I was applying for the esteemed and prestigious role of Deep Fried Ambassador, there were a couple of responses. For people who know me well and have eaten with me, it’s “of course you are” and “I hope there’s a sash.” For others who know me through other avenues of my life, there were some who doubted that this was actually a legitimate position that was open to be filled. I shall now state my case, and my proposed platform, if I should be so fortunate as to be selected.

1. The Practical Cook considers Fried a food group. In reviewing my blog posts, I notice that I’ve reviewed fried okra in 4 establishments to date, and I haven’t even covered my favorite one yet (local BBQ joint, the cinder block kind). I stand firm that Fried is best done in a commercial setting, and what could be better than the N.C. State Fair? Renowned for deep-frying everything, these mobile practitioners are devoted to the art of Fried, and it will be crunchier than a practical home cook can manage.

Fried Macaroni and Cheese from Burger Bar

Fried Macaroni and Cheese from Burger Bar

2. I love food on a stick. Honestly, is there anything better? And it’s mobile. The N.C. State Fair is the original food truck rodeo, the original elusive outdoor food experience. Elephant ears, cotton candy, turkey legs: all better consumed outside, walking the midway. And we haven’t even started talking about the ice cream or apple categories.

Hello Fried Okra, Welcome Home

Hello Fried Okra, Welcome Home

3. Authentic N.C. birth certificate.  I am deeply Southern, with Fried Squash being one of my first jobs. I make jams and preserves, and I believe you have to put in your time to perfect the pound cake. If you want the real scoop on everything from lemonade stands to ham biscuits to prize-winning pies, I’m there, video camera in hand.

Summer Picnic Platter Featuring Cold Fried Chicken

Summer Picnic Platter Featuring Cold Fried Chicken

4. It takes a village, and I plan to take one with me. How can I possibly eat one of everything? Perhaps it will just be a nibble, but I plan on taking a crew of merry eaters. Five have already signed on (The Practical Cooks Junior were on-board with “Fried” and halfway out the door with “Fair”), and I’m going to invite other bloggers, eaters, and comrades to join me on this odyssey.

The Pile at Geer Street Garden

The Pile at Geer Street Garden

Will you support me in this quest to become the next Deep Fried Ambassador at the N.C. State Fair? Post a comment or Tweet (to me, ccing: @NCStateFair). I look forward to bringing the Fried to you.

Send your letters of support and your video requests for the N.C. State Fair to practical cook at gmail dot com. Connect on Facebook: The Practical Cook Blog. (Thanks in advance for spreading The Practical Cook Blog word. Press “like” on Facebook today!)

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19 responses to “Why I Should Be Your Next Deep Fried Ambassador at the N.C. State Fair (with video)

  1. You definitely have my vote – you’d make the very best Deep Fried Ambassador I can think of – good luck and happy eating!!

  2. Jill Greeson

    Thumbs up for the potential Princess of Fried.

  3. Elizabeth Hayworth

    Amy for NC State Fair fried foods ambassador!!

  4. mcHorne

    I will vote early and often for the Practical Cook as Deep Fried Ambassador!! A role you were born for. Just remember, rides first, then food.

  5. Amy

    You would make an extraordinary Deep Fried Ambassador to the NC State fair! Go, Amy, go!

  6. Michael T.

    You were BORN to be the Deep Fried Ambassador!

  7. The Practical Cook

    Thanks to all for your support, and to MT for pointing out that in my exuberance, I lost my counting skills. I’m too busy counting down the days to the NC State Fair, yes. that’s it. 🙂

    And also thanks for the tips on “order of operations” re: rides vs. food!

  8. iCook

    I support this noble effort. Local media coverage of fried is usually sensationalized (“if it crisps, it leads”) and the world needs good qualititative analysis of where to spend their calories, before they head out to the fair.

    • The Practical Cook

      I hope you don’t mind that I’ll be wearing a t-shirt that says “If it crisps, it leads,” while reporting. Calorie spend is key in a high-impact marketplace. Perhaps I’ll make some charts and graphs on the topic . . .

  9. Shelly Goodin

    Oh Amy, you will make the perfect Deep Fried Ambassador! Maybe we should make you a crown and sash and you can proclaim yourself Miss Deep Fried as you make your way through the “the original food truck rodeo.” I love this phrase that you used in your post! Although I’m a vegetarian and do not have a gallbladder, I may join your merry band of onlookers.

    • The Practical Cook

      I am unafraid to wear the fried crown if I am so fortunate as to have it rested upon my blogging head. Thank you for your support!

  10. Holloway Sparks

    You’ve got my vote!!! I think a tiara is definitely in order. Perhaps some elbow length gloves also. Would protect against greasy fingers, yes? Wish I could join you.

  11. Aimee R.

    There is no better rep—you’ve got NC cred, southern food cred, and cooking cred all in one. And who else will devote themselves to tasting and reporting on the options so thoroughly? You’ve got my vote!!! PS I’ve long wanted to try a deep fried something–leaning toward oreo, but either way I’ll look to you for guidance.

  12. Where do I vote?!?!? I can think of no one better. I will be there as the “Turkey Leg and Beer Ambassador”.
    I haven’t missed it yet, have I?

    • The Practical Cook

      Thank you for your support! And LOL and congrats re: your ambassadorship. The NC State Fair is October 13-23, still plenty of time to train for the eating marathon. 🙂

  13. Illegally Cooking

    Sounds like a match made in heaven: fried food at the State Fair and Amy. I also volunteer myself to come along! Are non-fried, but State Fair essentials on the menu as well? It’s not the Fair without county ham biscuits made by church going ladies!

    • The Practical Cook

      I could not imagine missing church lady country ham biscuit–it goes against my upbringing. I will eat one of everything that doesn’t kill me (no deep-fried shrimp on a stick, thank you very much), and I’m so pleased you volunteered before I had to enact a draft. Can’t. Wait.

      Food on sticks in 2011!

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