RTP Restaurants

There are places to eat in RTP! Good ones even! Let us all rejoice and toss aside our Hot Pockets, shall we? Here’s a list of places to consider for RTP lunch, or perhaps a business dinner if you want to go further afield. I’ll keep adding as I find and review. Please feel free to suggest destinations.

RTP Proper (as if there is such a thing, but we’ll go with “close to the office”):

Saffron: Indian Buffet. Hot naan brought to the table. More expensive than some, but worth it.

Vit Goal: Korean, specializing in tofu soups and stone pot bi bim bop. Nice lunch specials. This place is an oasis. http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/25/292375/restaurant/RTP/Vit-Goal-Tofu-Durham

Mawa’s Kitchen: African, various countries. I’m fond of the Senegalese food, but you’ll find Ethiopian and much more.

Sarah’s Empanada’s: The food will be delivered to your table so quickly it will in fact blow your mind.

Tribeca Tavern: Great burgers and beer!

Backyard Barbecue Pit: Cinderblock building, you’ll leave smelling like smoke. Don’t miss the fried okra, it’s some of the best in the area.

Bosphorus: Turkish diner. Run, don’t walk.

Food Trucks to Follow:
In a fit of awesome, there are many food trucks who now come to RTP regularly during lunchtime to save the masses from microwaved leftovers.
@ChirbaChirba Dumpling Truck with 3 styles. Fantastic, seriously good.
@KokyuBBQ Korean BBQ truck with the best sweet potato fries, dusted with garam masala, served with a fiery mayo.
Chapel Hill/Carrboro:
Acme: http://www.acmecarrboro.com/
Modern Southern
Old-School Southern, famous for Shrimp and Grits
Hand-tossed, punk rock style, toppings by the slice. Great calzones and salads, too. Not fancy or cutting-edge, just good.
Vimala’s Curry Blossom: http://www.curryblossom.com/
Uttapam. Cardamom Brownies. Enough said.
They have goat. Just don’t order fish (always overdone). I crave their palak paneer and kofta.
My coffeehouse of choice. Tucked in the woods, under foliage and Christmas lights, lattes come in a bowl, and presspot coffee tastes like sunshine.
Fiesta Grill: http://www.fiestagrill.us/
Cinderblock building in the middle of nowhere, queso fundido to die for. Mole from scratch.
Wine and tapas. Killer desserts. Spicy margarita is a big hit too.
Dame’s Chicken and Waffles: Enough food to satisfy the heartiest of appetites, and gourmet enough to silence all critics. This is my favorite chicken and waffles place tested to date. They excel in both categories, and their grits make me weep with joy.
Take a friend, get a beer, try “the pile.” I am addicted to the arugula salad with fried chicken as well.
Great ambience, fantastic food.
Great burger, winner in pickle chips and bacon peanuts.
Just ask for the special Chinese menu, order the spicy dry bean curd with pork or the noodles with Szechuan meat sauce or the eggplant.
Guglhupf: http://www.guglhupf.com/
The spot for Saturday/Sunday breakfast/brunch. Fresh pastry and great atmosphere.
Best restaurant in Raleigh. Ashley C competed on Iron Chef against Bobby Flay. Her fried chicken makes me weep. As do her biscuits.

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  2. Did. You ever try Bida Manda, Laotian place in downtown Raliegh? Worth a look I think!!

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