Picky vs. Snobby: Where Do You Draw the Line?

Today’s topic comes from one of my most frequently asked questions: Do you like . . . ? This is often followed by “really?” Clearly, it’s time to throw open the doors of the Practical Cook confessional booth once more (this thing is more like a turnstile at this point). What follows is a list of things I will or won’t eat, with a follow-on discussion on whether that makes me picky or snobby.

Dear Practical Cook, do you like:

Gummy Things?
No, quite nearly a hell no. Exceptions include the sugared orange slices, which are a favorite childhood thing because my grandpa adored them, and buttered-popcorn-flavored Jelly Belly jellybeans, just because.

Corn Dogs
Yes, I like almost anything on a stick. In Texas, I once saw fried chicken on a stick, which seemed excessive, but everything is bigger in Texas. I Punt! with the veggie corn dogs for the kids, and they actually prefer those. To borrow a phrase from a gentle reader, they serve as mustard/ketchup vectors.

Tater Tots
Yes, even if they’re not fried in duck fat (thank you KokyuBBQ for that innovation). There’s a local place (Southern Rail for the Chapel Hillians) that serves some of the most crispedy fried tots ever, and they rock. I didn’t love these as a kid, actually, but I do like them now, especially deep-fried and with beer.

Frozen Pizza
I love a wood-fired pizza. I love pizza with truffle oil. I like pizza with BBQ on it. And I like Totino’s after I’ve been sick. Seriously, it’s hard to find a pizza I don’t like. Exception, and I will name names here, when I worked at IBM briefly, their cafeteria served inedible pizza. Shame on them. I really, truly, deeply love pizza.

Potato Chips
Rarely eat them. I don’t love potato chips. Snobbery? Perhaps. But I’m yet to find the chip that’s worth the caloric/cholesterol spend for me. I make my own sweet potato chip, and I prefer them.

Hot Dogs
Love them, but rarely eat them. These are special occasion food for me, like at a ball park or a cookout. And when I eat them, it’s all the way, steamed bun and nice and messy. My current love is the Trader Joe’s All-Beef varietal. Snobby, perhaps, but they are really tasty.

Cheese Fries
Yes indeedy. Again, this is late-night bar food. I like them crisp with lots of cheese for maximum cling.

So what’s your take? Am I particular, picky, or snobby? I would argue that I am, like most people, a product of my roots. Food carries memories, powerful ones, and I like plenty of what I was raised on. For the foodies who disdain, I’m sure there’s something crunchy or salty or in cellophane lurking in your closet.

What are your closet cravings? Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. And all the gentle readers. Post a comment or Tweet away.

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Coming up next, When a casserole is really a love letter, the secret meaning of food.


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11 responses to “Picky vs. Snobby: Where Do You Draw the Line?

  1. Absolutely LOVE me some tater tots but found the absolute best ones lately at a tiny bar and grill in Morrisville where they have sweet potato tater tots – delish!!

    • The Practical Cook

      Did you just say Sweet Potato Tater Tot? We need to talk. I’ll be showing up there with video camera in hand. Field research!

  2. iCook

    You need to try the Tots on Fire at Dain’s in Durham. Crispy fried tots smothered in sweet chili, cheese sauce, and chopped jalapeno. I’m sure they’ll work in a corn dog somehow if you suggest it.

    • The Practical Cook

      Dain’s was the last supplier of cheese fries–neon yellow nacho style. Tots on Fire, check. I predict a Tater Tot World Tour video coming this summer. Nothing like a quest for the best. Thank you for the tip!

  3. Patrick

    Let’s hear more about your roots, any tips on Collards?

    • The Practical Cook

      I heart collards, and have a fantastic recipe. It’s going in the queue. The secret is smoked turkey wings. There is no leafy green I won’t eat. It’s not just an arugula world here.

  4. Jenny

    I see what you did there 🙂

  5. AHi (aka Sleep Deprived Southern Mother)

    There is a lack of hush puppy representation in this post. Is this related to the PC’s extreme shellfish allergy, or just simple aversion? Do tell if you have had a HP dipped in honey from Honeymonks. Pure dessert bliss. A tip of the hat goes to SDSM’s dad for that creation.

    • The Practical Cook

      A most excellent question. I fear not the hushpuppy, I snuggle it with two arms. (See my review of Crook’s Corner for the video footage.) And I didn’t even think to consider this anything but haute cuisine.

      They would revoke my Southern card if I rebuked hushpuppies. I prefer mine sweeter with grated onion inside. I’m not a huge fan of straight-up honey (that’s a whole other blog post), but I’ll take some molasses with them.

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