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Weekly Menus: Week of 1/15/2012

Gentle Readers, when the weather turns cold, The Practical Cook’s thoughts turn to hot  cheesy foods. The cheesy part may just be my personal predilection, to  be fair. And there is a lot of guest eating to be done next week. Stay tuned. When one has gentle readers who can eat two dinners, one must plan accordingly. These meals are planned to be flexible, puntable, and potentially made in advance or by someone else.

As always, if you have a blog idea or a restaurant you’d like to see reviewed, contact me! The Practical Cook rapid response unit will be right on it.

Without further buildup,  here are the Weekly Menus:

Weekly Menus: 1/15/2012

Weekly Menus: 1/15/2012

And the Four-Square Grocery Shopping List:

Four-Square Grocery Shopping List: 1/15/2012

Four-Square Grocery Shopping List: 1/15/2012

**Have you tried the F0ur-Square Grocery Shopping List method? Send me a picture, let me know how it went!

Which all means:

Sunday: Soup and Sammie
Such a great way to use up bread from the previous week, and any veggies in the fridge that are suspect.

Monday: Fridge Surprise
I’m not sure what is going to happen this day, so I’m planning in advance to Punt! Could be spinach quesadillas, could be breakfast for dinner, hard to predict.

Tuesday: Salad for Dinner
This will be necessary considering the amount of Fried that will be consumed at lunch and in general this week. Balance in the force.

Wednesday: Salmon Cakes or Tuna Noodle Casserole
The challenge here: the troops prefer salmon cakes, but casserole is easier to prep in advance. I have to balance that with a concern of carb overload this week. Still musing on this one.

Thursday: Pasta and Sauce
A classic Punt! meal. Perfect for the parent on the go, who needs to be approximately five places at once.

Friday: Homemade Pizza
By special request, we’re having a pizza night! The Eldest favors Greek, the Youngest likes cheese, let’s see what happens.

Saturday: Dine Out!
Weekend, on!

What’s your favorite cold weather food? I love soup and coffee, hot and liquidy for some reason. Post a comment below, or tweet!

Send your menu requests, blog suggestions, or double dog dares to practical cook at gmail dot com. Connect on Facebook: The Practical Cook Blog. (Thanks in advance for spreading The Practical Cook Blog word. Press “like” on Facebook today!)

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Weekly Menus: Week of 12/11/2011

Gentle Readers, this week is the calm before the storm. Holiday season is here, but The Practical Cook gets to breathe just a bit before plunging into the next round (a.k.a., cookie production). This week’s menus are straightforward and organized to create leftovers for the next day. Also, I’m dusting off a personal classic dish, one I’ve not made in a while and that hearkens a return to the kitchen and to cooking for people: Chicken Bowl. More on that later this week.

Here we go, Weekly Menus for this week:

Weekly Menus: 12/11/2011

Weekly Menus: 12/11/2011

The Four-Square Grocery List:

Four-Square Grocery List: 12/11/2011

Four-Square Grocery List: 12/11/2011

Which all adds up to:

Sunday: Fish and Veg
I think this will be salmon and frozen veggies of some stripe, possibly with orange-cranberry couscous.

Monday: Chicken Bowl
This faux Asian delight is chicken and broccoli with green onions atop rice served in a bowl. Yes, the name is overwhelmingly creative, I know.

Tuesday: Leftover Delight
Marketing. We’ve been doing leftover surprise, this version will delight.

Wednesday: Beans and Rice
Don’t know which flavor path this will take. I’m thinking it will be a large pot of black beans served over rice, maybe with some mango on the side.

Thursday: Taco Night!
Going for the classics here.

Friday: Nachos?
Great way to use up the accumulated leftovers from the week!

Saturday: Dine Out!
It feels like a good week to research fried chicken some more. Because, you know, fried chicken won’t research itself.

What are you cooking these days? Post your ideas, thoughts, etc. in the comments below!

Questions, deep thoughts, cookies? Email practical cook at gmail dot com. Connect on Facebook: The Practical Cook Blog. (Thanks in advance for spreading The Practical Cook Blog word. Press “like” on Facebook today!)

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