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The Practical Cook Confessional Booth Is Open

Gentle Readers, The Practical Cook is intensely aware of the irony of this blog post considering the fried pickle extravaganza she just experienced. Yes, today’s post is a confession, so lean in. Though my love of Fried as a category is well established, so is my love of salad. However, I will admit, holiday cookies won this year.

My Arch-Nemisis, The Ordinary Scale

My Arch-Nemisis, The Ordinary Scale

Yes, I’m currently at war with my scale. It is foolish, I know, because the raw number matters less than my overall health, which seems good. However, I will admit to recalibrating and standing on said scale at different angles. There, I’ve confessed. You see, the last few years have been about fitness, and this year is about maintenance. I believe I’ve hit a plateau, which means, egads, I have to do more to stay the same.

The Grapefruit

The Grapefruit: My Love That Keeps Me Honest About Cholesterol

There’s a cholesterol test looming in my future, and I’d like to pass. Since I have no desire to perform some ghastly home test on a regular basis, I use my arch-nemesis, the ordinary bathroom scale, to keep me honest. Though apparently only Mr. Rogers is capable of maintaining exactly the same weight all the time, and maybe that’s an urban legend.

Cheese Fries at The Standard in Chapel Hill

Cheese Fries at The Standard in Chapel Hill: Yeah, I ate those for dinner.

So I am making a few subtle changes, going back to my roots of eating more mindfully. The irony: I had the opportunity to eat really good food amongst friends this evening, and I took it. So while the confessional booth is open, and I’ll admit that I have to run further, crunch more, and not eat every peanut butter cup my heart desires, I’ll also say that this is my one life. I  more than like food, I love it. So if I have the chance to eat great food, I take it. And if the chef  brings out some fried pickles, I will try one without blinking, two if no one claims the final one.

One dark chocolate peanut butter cup from Trader Joe's.

One dark chocolate peanut butter cup from Trader Joe's.

But I shall also do the extra crunches, keep trying to do that stupid pull-up I’ve resolved to do, and make a point to not eat anything that’s not absolutely delicious or truly good for me in some fashion.

There’s my confession, what’s yours? Are you guilty of standing on tiptoe on the scale? Of feeling guilty when you really just like fried pickles? Post a comment, I’m listening!

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