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Taste Test: Moon Pie vs. Choco Pie (with video)

Let’s open the confessional again, shall we? Though deeply Southern, The Practical Cook does not care for Moon Pies. There, it is now out in the open. I can almost hear the rolling eyes, what does TPC actually like to eat? (Answer, German Chocolate Cake, in all its forms, more on that later.)

Snack Pie Showdown: Moon Pie vs Choco Pie

Snack Pie Showdown: Moon Pie vs Choco Pie

However, when my friend Rocking Writer handed over a Choco Pie, the Korean answer to a Moon Pie, with the comment that it is supposedly a superior Moon Pie, of course I’m going to try it, on camera. (You must read the Wikipedia info on Choco Pies, fascinating.)

The Test

The results were mixed. Though the Choco Pie had a more pleasing aroma and was tastier at room temperature, the Moon Pie won the microwave challenge by a mile. Conclusion: if you like Moon Pies, try microwaving them for just under 30 seconds. If you’re not a fan, just make some S’mores.

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Tomorrow, one more new product review: Ben and Jerry’s German Chocolate Ice Cream. Yeah, it’s a thin justification to eat more German Chocolate goodness.


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