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How to Cook Cereal: This Time It’s Sugary

Gentle readers, who knew that the humble box of cereal would generate so much passionate discussion? Building on the pantheon of cereal posts (see the Helpful How to Cook Cereal video and One Ingredient, Three Ways: Cereal Edition), and based on reader requests, we shall address sugary cereal.

A Pyramid of Sugar Cereals

A Pyramid of Sugar Cereals

If you found counting to 29 too labor intensive, or if you disdain the Autumn Promise as a breakfast of champions, here’s a video for you (eyes on you Virtual Cook and Kilted Vegan). How to Cook Cereal: Sugar Edition.

There is a variety of cereal choice here in the Practical Cook kitchen, but there is a trend toward healthy. Santa Claus brings the small boxes of the sugar bombs every year as a treat. And yes, fellow shoppers smirk at me when my kids shout out, “look Mommy, those are Santa cereals.”

For me, I just can’t function on sugar fuel in my old age, I have to have balance in the force in the form of protein. Do I miss the feeling of my mouth being ripped up by Apple Jacks, or the delightfully faux chocolate milk that Cocoa Krispies leave in the bowl? Sure. But I’ve shifted those to dessert options.

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