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Weekly Menus: Busy Family Edition, Week of 9/8/2013

Gentle Readers, it’s important to know when to cry uncle. Though I’ve spent twice the amount of time in the kitchen lately than I did over the whole summer, I’m still dreadfully behind. We are in the process of becoming real swimmers here at TPC gym, along with the start of school shenanigans and plenty of travel stirred in. Therefore, I’m taking a break this week and will blog again next Sunday.

Use the pumpkin puree, get orange pancakes!

Use the pumpkin puree, get orange pancakes!

Here’s what I’m working on in the test kitchen:

  • School Lunches that are reasonable shelf stable and not just peanut butter and jelly.
  • Pumpkin everything. We’ve successfully made pumpkin pancakes from scratch, now we are off to conquer pumpkin bread, pumpkin pasta sauce, and potentially a burrito. This is a seasonal trend I support ONLY in it’s actual form. You can save your pumpkin-flavored lattes, beers, and Oreos. Yes, I said that out loud.
  • Dosa. I want to be able to expand my pancake/crepe repertoire, and this is the next frontier.

For this week’s menus, it will look something like this: TPC’s Mom brings her kitchen to mine and makes amazing food my kids would never eat for me.

Persimmon Pudding from Crook's Corner. Almost as good as TPC's Mom makes.

Persimmon Pudding from Crook’s Corner. Almost as good as TPC’s Mom makes.

I will dutifully stock the kitchen with the basics and then politely get out of the way. Just like the header on this blog shows, there’s a special relationship in the kitchen between generations, and I love the fact that TPCs Jr have the opportunity to eat some of the things I did (and probably complained about at the time, as is my job as offspring).

So to the store for milk, bread, eggs, and lunchbox treats!

The Practical Cooks Junior Train for a 5k.

The Practical Cooks Junior Train for a 5k.

The door is always open for kitchen challenges and good lunchbox ideas! Send them my way in the comments section, on Twitter, or by inviting us over to dinner. 😉

Send good luck, post suggestions, and extra hours in the day to practical cook at gmail dot com. Connect on Facebook: The Practical Cook Blog. (Thanks in advance for spreading The Practical Cook Blog word. Press “like” on Facebook today! Also, follow the food pictures on Instagram @amylewi.)

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