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Weekly Menus: Week of 10/30/2011

Gentle Readers, this week is one of high strategy. We are somewhat between seasons, the weather has turned cold, and there’s more pantry and freezer clean-up to be done. The Practical Cook is making a concerted effort to run a kitchen with a lower inventory. No more Sam’s Club, limiting the use of coupons to items used, etc. I am hoping the leaner operating machine will leave me stocked but with more space, and ever more focused on the fresh right now.

So for this week, we’re eating down the inventory in anticipation of some upcoming travels.

Which means the Weekly Menus are as follows:

Weekly Menus: 10/30/2011

Weekly Menus: 10/30/2011

And the very lean-machine Four-Square Grocery List:

Four-Square Grocery List: 10/30/2011

Four-Square Grocery List: 10/30/2011

Which all adds up to:

Sunday: Kale/Squash/Pasta
Perhaps together, perhaps as components, the pasta will be in a white sauce, possibly with a bit of lemon and rosemary. Sunday Dinner with the extended team, and I’m trying to sell Red Russian Kale, which I love and have in bulk.

Monday: Beans and Franklins
This is the name I gave homemade beans and franks as a child. This is strategy people. For those with kids (or who still are kids), this is a night where you want to serve something that has protein and gets eaten, because the sugar bomb is coming.

Tuesday: Leftover Surprise
See above.

Wednesday: Mexican
This is likely to be a casserole, but could also become quesadillas. I’ve been rocking th0se for lunch as well for the Juniors. Spinach ones made in a cast iron skillet. Hello iron.

Thursday: Frozen Pizza and Salad
This is preparation for travel day. We need simple and simple.

Friday: Dine Out
More to come on this. Let’s just say there’s going to be a serious and unique field research opportunity.

Saturday: Dine Out
See above. My lips are sealed until the Juniors are told. Too much excitement for one week may cause uncontrollable shrieking, mine.

What do you serve to clean out your cabinets, freezers, fridge? Share your secrets in the comments section below. Don’t make me start calling you out by faux name.

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