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Weekly Menus from The Practical Cook’s Mom, A Guest Blog of Sorts

Gentle Readers, though The Practical Cook does like to make a general eating roadmap for the week, she is all for spontaneity. Apparently this runs in the family. Perhaps you recall when I left The Practical Cook’s Mom at the helm in the kitchen a few weeks back. I had one set of menus, we conferred, keep it simple. This is what actually happened:

Weekly Menus, Courtesy of The Practical Cook's Mom

Weekly Menus, Courtesy of The Practical Cook’s Mom

So this week, as I travel one more time, I’m not planning anything. Here’s her list. I’ll run you through the highlights reel so you can follow her method. I should also note, that she brings her own cooler of food, too, so stocking up is futile pursuit.

Monday: Tacos, pintos, fried okra, lettuce and tomato
How does okra pair with tacos? This is one of the many mysteries I faced in my youth. I still don’t have an answer for you.

Wednesday: Baked ham biscuits (you know them as Ham and Cheese Tea Sandwiches), steamed mixed vegetables, okra/beet pickles, pinwheel pasta salad
Yes, this is enough food to feed the troops. If they were running a marathon. Leftovers are very important in meal planning!

Thursday: Fried Chicken, rice, slaw, kale, crudites
Why have one vegetable when you can serve three? Welcome to dinner from a farming family in the summer. And believe me, there were probably more veggies lurking.

The Moral Here: Make a lot of food, focusing on vegetables. Ignore any and all rules of what vegetables pair with what. Serve.

The Second Moral: My kids always eat a ton when my parents are in the house. TPC’s Mom’s food just tastes better.

Do you cook like or with your mom? Discuss by posting a comment below. My mom might show up at your house with a cooler if you do.

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