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Kitchen Tool Talk: Three (More) of My Favorite Things, Dishwashing Edition

Gentle Readers, as I pondered what I would miss most while on the road, I settled on the obvious: my dishwashers. All three of them.

My Favorite Dishwashers

My Favorite Dishwashers

As you can guess from the site graphics, I grew up in the kitchen, and one of my first jobs was washing and drying the dishes for my granny. She was particular about it, and forced me to slow down and do it right. I couldn’t be more grateful for that lesson these days.

My Less Cute, but Practical, Dishwasher

My Less Cute, but Practical, Dishwasher

But as modern times have given us new tools, The Practical Cooks Junior don’t wash as many dishes these days, but they do dry and put their dirtys in the dishwasher, and they can put away the silverware faster than Rocky. I’m proud of them for learning how to take care of themselves. It is never too early to involve the young people in your life into the rhythms of the kitchen. It’s a skill they’ll have for a lifetime.

I’m pretty sure granny would approve. So to The Practical Cooks Junior, you are rock stars. It will be all too soon that I come eat in your kitchens.

Did you grow up in the kitchen? Share your story as a comment below.

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Tomorrow, tips from a reader on Long-Range Meal Planning. Seeing is believing, people, tune in.


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