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Crostini with Broccolini, a Recipe of Sorts

Gentle Readers, what is cuter than a dancing cat on the interwebs? A dancing kitten, of course. Yes, baby things are supercute, and that applies to food as well. Meet broccolini, the cuter broccoli.

Crostini with Broccolini

Crostini with Broccolini

Today’s recipe is both simple and stolen. I’m the Practical Cook, not the proud on. It was a huge hit with TPC’s Junior, and served as the appetizer course of a 3-course Italian meal. Thanks Waldorf, we can now resume arguing about food.

The Crostini was such a hit, I had to pack it for lunches the next day (foil plus clear container)!

The Crostini was such a hit, I had to pack it for lunches the next day (foil plus clear container)!

Crostini with Broccolini, A Recipe

1 bunch of broccolini, washed and roughly chopped
splash of olive oil
2 garlic cloves, peeled but left whole
salt to taste
crusty bread of your choice, sliced thin and toasted
goat cheese

Heat the olive oil in a large-ish frying pan over a strong medium heat, toss garlic cloves in to flavor oil. Heat to hot but not smoking. If you overheat it, throw the windows open, turn on your fan, and accept that your house will smell like garlic for 3 days. (Not saying this happened or anything.) Saute the broccolini, seasoning well with salt, until it’s crisp tender, just a few minutes.

Meanwhile, schmear the goat cheese on the toasted bread. Now top with broccolini. Enjoy. (In a pinch, sauteed spinach is a nice substitute.)

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