Out of Office, For Now

Perhaps this is premature, or maybe it’s the beginning of the end. We shall see. Gentle Reader, this has been an amazing journey. I need to take a break.

I want to start something new, I don’t know what. All ideas welcome. I’ve got a few posts left in me, and we’ll see if I can sustain a less regular publishing schedule. I’ve love to hear your thoughts. Silence is a thought too, and I’ll accept that slipping quietly into the blog darkness if that is what’s to be.

To all who have eaten with me, asked questions, directed me to amazing food, thank you. I hope to see you at my table or yours at some point in time. I’m coming back in December to post a few things, if time permits and if there’s interest.

Happy cooking until then Gentle Readers!


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4 responses to “Out of Office, For Now

  1. Patty

    It’s been so long since I ate with you that I don’t remember what my nickname was on your blog! But I remember that I liked it. And that I liked eating with you. And that I liked reading about what you ate and made and planned.

  2. Maria

    Have enjoyed reading the blog for a couple of years (since you were the Deep Fried Ambassador). Enjoy your break and post when you can.

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