Potato Chip Tasting: Chicken and Waffle Potato Chips vs Sriracha Potato Chips (with video)

Gentle Readers, somethings must be tried to be believed. As a well-documented fan of chicken and waffles and sriracha, there was no way I was going to pass up a chance to at least try these little gems. Full disclaimer, I’m not a huge potato chip fan, so I don’t have religion about brands. I love the fresh cut ones, though, which follows my mantra of when you eat Fried, eat only the best Fried there is to offer.

The Contenders: Lay's Chicken and Waffles Potato Chips vs. Sriracha

The Contenders: Lay’s Chicken and Waffles Potato Chips vs. Sriracha

However, I’m not afraid to try new things (that aren’t full of hazelnuts or licorice of course). We tasted both kinds of chips plain, and dipped in maple syrup and/or sriracha. There was some cross-dipping, as my co-tasters, The Practical Cooks Junior, are notoriously experimental with mixing and matching. Roll the tape:

Perhaps it was the preparatory 6 mile bike ride, but we all liked them both, and agreed the Chicken and Waffle Potato Chips were best. They taste mainly of maple syrup, but if you eat more than one you build up the pepper coating taste too. Not much chicken, very little waffle. I wouldn’t buy these regularly, but it’s a great conversation starter for a party.

The Sriracha Potato Chips were good, but at an unfair advantage as I had eaten fresh cut ones tossed with sriracha and gorganzola a few days earlier. They are good, just not that special.

We opted not to taste the garlic and cheese bread chips, as they didn’t sound that special. What do you think? Have you tried them? Share your opinion in the comments box below!

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