One Ingredient, Three Ways: For the Love of Marshmallows

Gentle Readers, it is practical confession time once more. I love marshmallows. Like really love them. Sometimes I make hot chocolate to cover this up. For the last few years, I’ve kept a bag in the cupboard, enjoying them at the varying stages of staleness straight from the bag.

Hot cocoa with a few marshmallows added. No, a few more . . .

Hot cocoa with a few marshmallows added. No, a few more . . .

I love them as much as I hate Peeps, and that is saying quite a lot. I don’t consider Peeps to be part of the marshmallow canon. (Here’s Exhibit A, Me Microwaving Peeps.)

Marshmallows: I love you big or small.

Marshmallows: I love you big or small.

But I digress. How else can you enjoy marshmallows?

One Ingredient, Three Ways: Marshmallows

1. Raw. Though wikipedia warns us of the dangers of playing “fluffy bunny,” I do wonder how much is myth or urban legend. Marshmallows are sugar bombs, but the beauty of them is you get full very quickly. It’s not a half a bag type situation. So the caloric spend is not so crazy for a little boost.

Marshmallows in the wild.

Marshmallows in the wild.

2. With Peanut Butter and Apples. Previously turned into “Apple Smiles,” perhaps you could combine this same group of ingredients in a heart shape for Valentine’s. I would certainly love that. Do not be fooled, these are delicious.

Wife of Bath Apple Smile (the gat-toothed woman)

Wife of Bath Apple Smile (the gat-toothed woman)

3. Toasted. Traditional and a completely different taste, the toasted marshmallow transforms from vanilla to caramel notes. Plus it’s squishy and toasty and awesome. If you’ve not toasted a marshmallow recently, run, don’t walk. It’s always the right season. Perfect alone or as the glue for s’mores.

S'mores solve the dinner dilemma too.

S’mores are a great marshmallow delivery system.

Because my craving is strong, I want to hear your ideas! What’s your favorite way to eat a marshmallow? Post a comment or Tweet my way!

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