Quinoa Melange Plus Chickpeas (a Recipe of Sorts)

Gentle Readers, rarely does the opportunity to use the words “quinoa” and “melange” in a title present itself. For anyone unsure how to pronounce quinoa, here you go. “Melange,” you are on your own. This fine, protein-packed product is found, where else, but at Trader Joe’s.

Quinoa Melange from Trader Joe's (frozen!)

Quinoa Melange from Trader Joe’s (frozen!)

They do a great job of marketing, and TPC’s Junior are fans of samples, so there you have it. We bought this as a sample and served it as a meal.

Here’s how: prepare the quinoa according to the stovetop instructions. Watch it carefully, as it will get pretty hot and stick to the pan. Meanwhile, rinse one can of chickpeas (also known as garbanzos, thanks to the Eldest TPC for pointing this out). Add chickpeas to the pan. Stir. Serve.

Quinoa melange with added chickpeas. Nom!

Quinoa melange with added chickpeas. Nom!

I am a big quinoa fan, but the Jrs were not before. This blend is a little sweet from the sweet potatoes, a little toothsome from the quinoa, and nicely nutty from the chickpeas. It packs a good nutritional punch, and it is obscenely easy to serve on a school night.

This is a run don’t walk situation, I would recommend getting at least two bags. It would work very well as a side to poultry, pork, or fish, if you don’t swing veggie. Are you a quinoa fan? Post your two cents in the comments section.

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