Weekly Menus from Barcelona: 10/7/2012

Gentle Readers, it is time once more to hit the road on business travel, this time it’s Barcelona. Thanks to the great number of you who have shared suggestions of where to go, and what to eat and see. Meanwhile, back at the home front, The Practical Cook’s Mom is once more to the kitchen rescue.

Sorry Mom, I’m up blogging, I haven’t packed, and there’s no way I’ll make it to the grocery store before I board a plane tomorrow. Good luck.

Here’s what’s been suggested so far (a mash-up of TPC’s Mom and The Practical Cooks Junior, who are becoming quite adept menu planners):

Weekly Menus, 10/7/2012 are potentially as follows:

Sunday: Veggie Chili
This will be my recipe, plus sammies. It’s great comfort food, and good for leftovers.

Veggie Chili Simmering

Veggie Chili Simmering

Monday: Burritos
Could be a new filling, could be the veggie chili inside. I won’t tell.

Tuesday: Leftovers OR Breakfast for dinner.
Add a salad, call it a meal.

Wednesday: Frozen Pizza and Salad
It’s so easy, and everyone likes it.

Veggie Nachos Perfected! With pickled jalepeno on top, for good measure.

Veggie Nachos Perfected! With pickled jalepeno on top, for good measure.

Thursday: Nachos
This would be at the request of TPC’s. Their theory is that I could make these after I land because it’s easy and scalable. True genius those two.

Crispy Salmon Cakes

Crispy Salmon Cakes

Friday: Salmon Cakes
Though the Eldest is holding strong as a vegetarian, the Youngest loves fish, so I’m trying to balance the two. I will probably serve with sweet potato fries and a green veg, and potentially sub a faux chix patty for the Eldest.

Saturday: Dine Out
We’re going to a tapas place in town, just so the Juniors can have the experience, too.

Meanwhile, my menus look like this:

Tapas, tapas, tapas, tapas. Churros.

But no eels. And please hold the frutas del mar! (That does not even sound good to me, I can tell it’s a trap.)

What are you eating this week?

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Coming up Wednesday, Update from Barcelona

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