Weekly Menus: Week of 9/16 2012

Gentle Readers, how time does fly, as do roller coasters. As you read this, chances are extremely good that Team Practical Cook will have spent time on them the previous day. It’s a nice metaphor, actually, the ups and downs. We all need a delicious thrill on occasion. Food is no different. It’s easy to get in a rut.

Vegetarian Inspiration: White Bean Stuffed Portabella Cap!

Vegetarian Inspiration: White Bean Stuffed Portabella Cap!

So here’s my challenge to you. Try one new recipe or food every week for a month. See what happens. The Eldest Practical Cook has led us to this challenge. As a mom and a home cook, I am not going to let my Eldest go hungry, and I don’t want to over-rely on veggie junk food (aka, the cheesetarian).

We’ve always been adventurous, now we’re more so. It has been inspiring actually. I do adore a challenge. So please send me your cooking challenges, I rarely back down.

For this week’s weekly menus:

Weekly Menus: 9/16/2012

Weekly Menus: 9/16/2012

And the Four-Square Grocery Shopping List:

The Four-Square Grocery Shopping List: 9/16/2012

The Four-Square Grocery Shopping List: 9/16/2012

Which means we’ll be eating:

Sunday: Sliders and Sweet Potato Fries
I need to use up some cute slider buns. I can do veggie burgers and real burgers, egg salad, tuna burgers, etc.

Monday: Omelet Bar
We are overly fond of the “choose your own” concept the bar affords. This meal was requested by The Eldest in homage of a recent cookout where the amazing hostess whipped out an omelet for the newly minted vegetarian. Great way to use up bits of cooked veg or a stray tomato or piece of cheese.

Tuesday: Slow cooker stew
I’m planning on throwing some large cut of meat in the slow cooker and stewing. I can save in small portions and use it through the fall. Will need to serve a veg alternative, but the portioning and simplicity of this make dual meal tracks possible.

Wednesday: Pasta and Salad Bar
The Practical Cooks Junior like to entertain on Wednesdays. We’ll be inviting people over, and choice is so key.

Thursday: Beans and Rice
Either Indian or Mexican rendering. I’ve been craving some version of dal, so probably will be that.

Friday: Tapas
I need to hit the test kitchen to experiment. There will be no eels involved. Do not ask.

Saturday: Dine Out!
There are lots of new spots opening up. Send a recommendation for trial!

What is the most inspiring thing you’ve eaten this month? Share a comment below, it’s wide open spaces people.

Send your avocados, vegetarian recipes, and general good cheer to practical cook at gmail dot com. Connect on Facebook: The Practical Cook Blog. (Thanks in advance for spreading The Practical Cook Blog word. Press “like” on Facebook today!)

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Coming on Monday: Arepas, It’s What For Dinner (Recipe).


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