Weekly Menus, NYC Edition, Week of 7/22/2012

Gentle Readers, this week’s weekly menus will be short and to the point. Number one, The Practical Cook is celebrating a birthday week by going on a serious eating bender. Field research must be done. Number two, Team Practical Cook is going on location to one of the world’s eating meccas, NYC. So here’s what this week looks like for us.

The Grocery List:


The CSA from Brinkley Farms:

1 1lb bag shelled cream peas
1 2lb bag 100% yellow corn meal
2 lbs japanese eggplant

Weekly Menus 7/22

Sunday: Bratwurst and Pierogies
There was a thawing incident that makes this meal necessary. It’s been two weeks of pig consumption here at TPC’s kitchen.

Monday: Leftover Surprise
I may make a curry or a stir-fry from the stray veggies in an attempt to clean out the fridge.

Tuesday: Spinach Quesadillas
Same reason as above.

Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner
We fly at o’dark thirty, so I need something simple and reliable the night before.


This is a listing of our possible choices, based on recommendations from Gentle Readers near and far. Thank you! We will be reporting in!

Economy Candy, Alice’s Tea Cup for tea, Serendipity, Levain Bakery for the World’s Best Cookies (upper west side), Dylan’s Candy Bar, il laboratorio del gelato, momofuku milk bar, chikalicious, forcella, shake shack, big gay ice cream truck, cafe mogador, brooklyn star, peter pan doughnuts, Indian food, Grimaldi’s. And more. We do not play around.

Do you have a suggestion for our journey to New York City? If so, post a comment below!

Send your challenges, your confessions, and your suggestions to practical cook at gmail dot com. Connect on Facebook: The Practical Cook Blog. (Thanks in advance for spreading The Practical Cook Blog word. Press “like” on Facebook today!)

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Coming up Wednesday: A Guest Blogger! Which one will it be? I don’t know yet, let’s see who submits first. Go!!


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