Throw in the Dish Rack, Keep the Dish Towel

Gentle Readers, this post is dedicated to that most elusive creature in the kitchen, more counter space. Regardless if one has a butcher block, an island, or a commercial kitchen, I’ve yet to meet a cook who doesn’t want more counter space. So it was with The Practical Cook, particularly with the dish rack.

Spare your sink, save your counterspace! Ditch the dish rack!

Spare your sink, save your counterspace! Ditch the dish rack!

What to do? Put it in the sink and lose a sink, put it on the counter, lose a counter. And the grimy build-up, yowza. So I stole a good idea from Complicated Vegetarian. Throw in the dish rack, use a dish towel.

Dish towel to the rescue!

Dish towel to the rescue!

What about the big stuff? Dry it or appoint a Junior to do so. It’s good training. What about when you have a big load of dishes to wash? Work in batches or dry them when you’re done, dry as you go, or commit to drying and putting them away.

Wash the towel often, keep your counter empty. Cleaner kitchen, less fuss. Brilliant. Sorry Rubbermaid, this round goes to the humble dish towel.

How do you expand your counter space? Post a comment below, share your suggestions!

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5 responses to “Throw in the Dish Rack, Keep the Dish Towel

  1. Yay! We do this and it is great. If we have a lot of big Items, then we just lay out an extra towel or two. The nice thing is that when the dishes are dry the towels go away.

    • The Practical Cook

      Great point about the towel method expanding and contracting according to need. And what could be better than a drying area that fits neatly in a drawer when not in use! Thanks for the comment!

  2. I’ve been a dish rack refusenik for years now. We have a gas range with an always-on pilot, so pots and pans are set on burners to dry — quickly.

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