Bacon Brackets: It’s Not Madness, It’s Delicious.

Gentle Readers, thought it is just a little early, March Madness has struck The Practical Cook. Traditionally, this means basketball. Here in the test kitchen, this is going to mean bacon. Yes, we will be working on Bacon Brackets, which will culminate in a Final Four, judged by a panel of fried pork experts. Why? Because how else do you know which bacon is the very best one.

When in doubt: bacon is the answer.

When in doubt: bacon is the answer.

Special thanks to Improv Cook for this challenge, and for her able assistance in executing. Here is how it will work, and what we need from you.

Bacon Brackets

We need nominations from you Gentle Readers. Here are the brackets, and we’ll have 4 contenders in each category. We’ll declare a winner from each, and then host a final four. All nominations for these categories must be submitted by February 23 to be considered. So here we go, let the games begin.

Bacon Frying in the Pan

Bacon Frying in the Pan

1. High-End Mail Order. The catalog stuff, but still accessible by everyone.

2. Organic. High-end, but available in the local store or butcher. We’re looking for the national brands here.

3. Local. You may have met the pig. This will be local to you. Feel free to submit suggestions for your region, we’ll share them with sourcing info as we have it.

4. Grocery Store. Bring it. If you want to nominate Oscar Mayer, and have a case for it, let’s hear it.

We’ll compile the brackets and report in on Fried Fridays during March, ending up with the Final Four. What do you get out of this? Hopefully some serious bacon know-how and some favorites. Because if you’re going to eat bacon, shouldn’t it be the very best?

Smile, You've Got Bacon!

Smile, You've Got Bacon!

So post a comment, send and email, tell a friend. Let March Madness begin, potentially with a BLT. Send us your bacon suggestions!

Compliments, queries, and challenges can be emailed to practical cook at gmail dot com. Connect on Facebook: The Practical Cook Blog. (Thanks in advance for spreading The Practical Cook Blog word. Press “like” on Facebook today!)

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Tomorrow, Gentle Readers, It’s Time for a Change.



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9 responses to “Bacon Brackets: It’s Not Madness, It’s Delicious.

  1. Maria

    I wanted to get bacon that does not have the added nitrates/nitrites and I have been quite pleased with the uncured bacon offered by Oscar Mayer (which I can only find at my local Kroger’s). I have tried uncured bacon from Trader Joe’s and unfortunately it’s too thick and chewy for my taste.

  2. My Brother-in-law swears by Wright brand bacon. I haven’t tried it yet…operative word being YET 🙂

  3. iCook

    North Country Smokehouse! Applewood is their standards, but cob smoked and peppered are both awesome too.

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  5. Carolyn

    I am looking forward to this – I tend to buy “what’s on sale and has a coupon” – perhaps this will help me know when to splurge!

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