Crossing the International Doughnut Line

Gentle Readers, The Practical Cook can find a doughnut like a heat-seeking missile finds a target. Even in Heathrow airport, worlds most labyrinthine series of terminals. Yes, though many of my fellow passengers were native North Carolinians, I alone spotted the pillowy wonder. A deep fried ambassador’s work is never done.

Krispy Kreme in Heathrow

Krispy Kreme in Heathrow

So my compatriot, HoldMyPurse, and I stopped for a breakfast treat. I went with original glazed, she tried the new dark chocolate and the original glazed. She agreed, in the end, original was best. It wasn’t quite hot now, but it was soft and authentic. Good job England.

The Hot Now Sign, a Siren Song for Me

The Hot Now Sign, a Siren Song for Me

Further irony, this was the day before the running of the Krispy Kreme Challenge. Yes, it’s real. No, I’ve never competed. Hats off to my friends who did (one of whom was on my flight, jet lag and all!!)

Doughnut cart in London!

Doughnut cart in London!

At the event I was working in London, they brought in a doughnut cart. Great concept, average doughnuts. I felt compelled to try them, with their choices of smothering sauces (I went dark chocolate, though the caramel was tempting). I found them to be a notch below the standard funnel cakes of the N.C. State Fair. Apparently I have a hometown Fried bias.

Deep Fried Doughnuts, London style.

Deep Fried Doughnuts, London style.

I didn’t determine whether my Deep Fried Ambassadorship granted me international immunity, but they were amazingly unfazed by my leaning in to snap this photo. In the end, my heart belongs to Krispy Kreme, with their brilliant marketing. In truth, I would prefer a dozen original glazed to a dozen roses this Valentine’s. And a little doughnut was just the taste of home I needed when traveling.

Deep Fried Marketing Genius!

Deep Fried Marketing Genius!

Are you a Krispy Kreme fan? Have you taken the challenge? Post a comment today, I can hear you licking your fingers.

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Tomorrow, Why You Should Eat Breakfast.


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