On the Road to One Pull-Up: The First Challenge (with video, of course)

Gentle Readers, as you know, The Practical Cook adores a challenge. This is not 100% food-related, though I would argue that a strong bicep is most necessary in wielding a heavy pan or for rolling out dough. Throughout this year, I’ll be keeping you updated on my quest to do one pull-up. Yes, I’ve not forgotten my resolutions.

Perhaps this can count as two resolutions, because I have certainly never arm-wrestled someone on camera before. (Here’s the original list of my New Year’s Resolutions.)

How did it turn out? Let’s roll the tape:

Lessons learned here, my pull-up training routine needs some improvement. Feel free to submit suggestions. Also, don’t arm-wrestle your barista. They are probably stronger than you, and could cut you off from your supply. Special thanks to MasseuseontheLoose for the excellent video work, and to The Dealer for agreeing to this challenge. I’m coming for a rematch in the spring.

How are your resolutions coming along? Resolve to comment on this blog more, starting today! Post one below now, or Tweet!

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Tomorrow, it’s time for Kitchen Tool Talk: An Ode to My Cast Iron Skillet.


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