What Not to Eat When You’re Feeling Green

Gentle Readers, this subject is not so gentle, and The Practical Cook will do her best to be mild in the language used regarding the enemy of food lovers (and people of all ages): the upset stomach. Having recently faced down this beast in the household (the stomach bug is running rampant right now), this topic is timely.

For authenticity purposes, let me also state, this is an area of unfortunate expertise for me, courtesy of my body’s reaction to pregnancy. So I can tell you what not to eat when you’re feeling green, and what you might want to try when an encore presentation is possible.

Let’s start with the “not to eat list”:

1. Granny Smith Apples. OMG, I literally almost died on this one. I remember thinking, so this is what happened to Joplin, Morrison, etc. . .

2. Dairy. Don’t do it. The medical peeps will tell you it can be an irritant, and I can tell you it is not good.

3. Pomegranates. Or anything that is used to dye clothing in nature. Trust me on this.

What to eat to calm the stomach:

1. Nuts. If you’re at the “am I hungry or feeling unwell” decision calculus stage, these are the perfect test balloon, assuming you’re not allergic.

A Few Cashews: Just what the doctor ordered

A Few Cashews: Just what the doctor ordered

2. Dry cereal. Don’t be tempted to add milk, and choose something basic, like Cheerios, Corn Flakes, etc. Chew very slowly.

The Practical Cook's Cereal Warehouse

The Practical Cook's Cereal Warehouse

3. Baked potato. Easy to microwave, add some salt but nothing else. Sometimes the warmth of the potato will help you feel better.

Thinly Sliced Russet Potatoes

Thinly Sliced Russet Potatoes

4. Popsicles. Cold works. You can freeze anything, just use ice cubes if you have nothing else.

Beautiful Blackberry-Lime Popsicles

Beautiful Blackberry-Lime Popsicles

5. Grapefruit. Okay, that’s probably just me, and best for morning sickness, not the flu. But I craved them, ice cold. And apparently, if you’ve been unwell for a while, something acidic is just your body replacing what has been lost. Point being, take all advice with a grain of salt (possibly literally), and trust your cravings.

The Grapefruit

The Grapefruit

Of course, rice, bananas, plain pasta, all wonderful choices, but if you’re the cook, I’m providing some options that you can try without expending much effort. Though many people swear by ginger ale and soda crackers, they are so guilty by association for me now that they make me feel ill on sight.

So pass the Lysol, take small sips of water, and I hope you all avoid whatever is going around!

What do you crave when you’re unwell? Post a comment, or Tweet!

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Tomorrow, we’ll move to corrective measures,  Homemade Chicken Soup Recipe.

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