Weekly Menus: Week of 12/25/2011

Gentle Readers, if there were ever a perfect time for casseroles, slow-cooker meals, take-out, and leftovers, this is that week. The Practical Cook will be indulging in many of those tactics herself, in the thin guise of “field research.” I feel, as the last week of menus for the year, this should be some sort of trumpets blaring occasion, but alas, it is but a practical one.

Weekly Menus, Week of 12/25/2011:

Weekly Menus: 12/25/2011

Weekly Menus: 12/25/2011

The  Four-Square Grocery List:

Four-Square Shopping List: 12/25/2011

Four-Square Shopping List: 12/25/2011

Which means:

Sunday: Leftovers
Schedules this year mean the heavy lifting happened before the actual day. Tomorrow is about Santa Cereal (small boxes of the extra sugary stuff) and relaxation.

Monday: Dine Out!
Will be conducting some important field research. I shall dutifully report in if all goes well.

Tuesday: Sammies
Are you sensing a theme here? I’ll be cleaning the house, there are some carrots I desperately need to pickle, and apple butter doesn’t stir itself.

Wednesday: Salad with Salmon
Thinking healthy options are the way forward this week. Fine, that also means I’m getting my cholesterol tested soon, and my mental acuity can use all the salmon it can get.

Thursday: Breakfast for Dinner
Perhaps eggs, perhaps something in the oatmeal line.

Friday: Dine out!
I will be ready to move on something Fried at this point, let’s see if I withstand that urge.

Saturday: Pasta and Sauce
Gearing down and getting back to the normal schedule. Cleans out the freezer, too!

What do you serve for Christmas (if you celebrate), and when do you celebrate? Post your comment below!

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Up next, Reviving the At-Home Tradition.


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