Christmas Tapas, A Simplified Holiday Menu

Gentle Readers, there are very few things The Practical Cook has not attempted for the Christmas menu, and several of them set off the smoke alarm. From the multi course meals (appetizers, soup, salad, main, dessert) to the roasted goose (never again), there is little uncharted culinary territory. A couple years back we voted, and they chose Pigs in a Blanket. Yes, that’s right.

Christmas Tapas, a New Holiday Tradition

Christmas Tapas, a New Holiday Tradition

Did I go all Scrooge and complain? No, I just buy a package of all-beef hot dogs from Trader Joe’s, a package of veggie dogs, and two cans of crescent rolls, and call it a year.

The wine is dressed for the festivities.

The wine is dressed for the festivities.

Well, I do a little more than that. Paired with a cheese and fruit plate, some spiced nuts, pate, crudite, stuffed mushrooms, potentially a hot dip depending on my mood, Pigs in a Blanket on the good China makes for a lovely holiday meal. Plus innumerable desserts, lots and lots of desserts.

This year's cookie trinity: Oatmeal chocolate chip, peanut butter, and date snowflakes.

This year's cookie trinity: Oatmeal chocolate chip, peanut butter, and date snowflakes.

And it gives The Practical Cook in all of us a chance to open the extra bottle of wine, to sit down for once, to actually participate in the day.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Perhaps this will be our menu for years to come, perhaps we’ll go fancy again another time. Adapt and enjoy, that’s the motto of Team Practical Cook. Happy holidays from our family to yours. May you enjoy the season, and all the food it brings, be it Chinese take-out, tapas, or something altogether different.

What is your holiday meal tradition? Post a comment below!

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Believe it or not, coming tomorrow is the very last Weekly Menus of 2011!


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5 responses to “Christmas Tapas, A Simplified Holiday Menu

  1. Maria

    Each year we do the family dinner from “A Christmas Story” at a Chinese restaurant in Baltimore (however, the staff never sing for us), but I want to try the tapas menu when we are back home for New Year’s Eve. Thank you for the great posts this year. Have a wonderful holiday.

    • The Practical Cook

      I Love it!! I’m craving Chinese food like mad right now: there are 2 restaurants in the review hopper. 🙂

      Thanks for your kind words, and I hope you have a great holiday!

  2. Lisa Hobbs

    We usually have tamales and crab on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. We don’t make the tamales, so these are easy meals that leave lots of time for relaxing. This year we’re in London so we had Indian takeaway for lunch (plus Queen’s holiday address) and have a gammon in the oven for dinner. Wish us luck! Apparently, gammon is a close relative of ham. Can’t wait to get home to have crab and tamales. Merry Christmas!

    • The Practical Cook

      Now that is a very cool Christmas tradition. When I tell the Eldest, she’s going to insist we add tamales to the list. Good luck with the gammon, I hope you’ll take some pictures! Enjoy your Christmas adventure, sounds fantastic.

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