Weekly Menus: Week of 12/11/2011

Gentle Readers, this week is the calm before the storm. Holiday season is here, but The Practical Cook gets to breathe just a bit before plunging into the next round (a.k.a., cookie production). This week’s menus are straightforward and organized to create leftovers for the next day. Also, I’m dusting off a personal classic dish, one I’ve not made in a while and that hearkens a return to the kitchen and to cooking for people: Chicken Bowl. More on that later this week.

Here we go, Weekly Menus for this week:

Weekly Menus: 12/11/2011

Weekly Menus: 12/11/2011

The Four-Square Grocery List:

Four-Square Grocery List: 12/11/2011

Four-Square Grocery List: 12/11/2011

Which all adds up to:

Sunday: Fish and Veg
I think this will be salmon and frozen veggies of some stripe, possibly with orange-cranberry couscous.

Monday: Chicken Bowl
This faux Asian delight is chicken and broccoli with green onions atop rice served in a bowl. Yes, the name is overwhelmingly creative, I know.

Tuesday: Leftover Delight
Marketing. We’ve been doing leftover surprise, this version will delight.

Wednesday: Beans and Rice
Don’t know which flavor path this will take. I’m thinking it will be a large pot of black beans served over rice, maybe with some mango on the side.

Thursday: Taco Night!
Going for the classics here.

Friday: Nachos?
Great way to use up the accumulated leftovers from the week!

Saturday: Dine Out!
It feels like a good week to research fried chicken some more. Because, you know, fried chicken won’t research itself.

What are you cooking these days? Post your ideas, thoughts, etc. in the comments below!

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Up next, An Ode to Bread.


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