Snack Week Recipe: Holiday Trail Mix

Gentle Readers, it may a bit extreme to call Holiday Trail Mix a recipe, but The Youngest Practical Cook Junior referenced cooking it herself, so it stands. Once more, cereal comes to the rescue. The challenge with trail mix for a group snack is making it interesting, not so dissimilar in flavors that it’s obnoxious, and nut-free.

Holiday Trail Mix!

Holiday Trail Mix!

I’ll admit, the chocolate covered stars are what turn plain old trail mix into Holiday Trail Mix! This bag of delicious sits at the happy crossroads of sprinkles and marketing.

Holiday Trail Mix Ingredients!

Holiday Trail Mix Ingredients!

Holiday Trail Mix Recipe

1 box of cereal (Maple Brown Sugar Frosted Wheats from Trader Joe’s used here)
1 bag of small pretzels
1 bag of orange-infused dried cranberries
1 bag of graham cracker Goldfish
18 chocolate covered stars (also from Trader Joe’s, you were warned that I shouldn’t go alone; any fave holiday treat will do here)
handful of mini marshmallow

Combine ingredients in proportions of your choosing in a gallon zip-top storage bag. Shake. Serve and eat!

Great for road trips, plane rides, or class snack.Thank you cereal, you’ve saved me again.

What’s in your holiday trail mix? Post a comment below!

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2 responses to “Snack Week Recipe: Holiday Trail Mix

  1. Holloway Sparks

    Made this yesterday for snack week (alas, minus the cool chocolate stars and with regular raisins instead of cranberries). A huge hit! Thanks PC.

    • The Practical Cook

      I see the stars as Justin Wilson did his cooking wine, some should always be reserved for the chef. 🙂

      Sounds like a great version, and that stuff is munchable heaven. If you want to make it more, ahem, adult, add a handful of walnuts and chocolate chips to your bagful of it. I won’t tell.

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