One Ingredient, Three Ways: Turkey Edition

Gentle Readers, for those of you who are able to eat any more food the day after, this post is for you. Assuming you had turkey, and not tofurkey, here are a few simple ways to make the most of leftovers. Because after all of that cooking, who wants to cook more? Unless you’re my mom, and you’ve double-cooked to create more leftovers. Alas, apple, meet tree.

One Ingredient, Three Ways: Turkey Edition.

1. Turkey Stock. If you have not yet tossed the skin and bones, turkey stock is an excellent option. In fact, even if the turkey carcass is MIA, you can use extra turkey meat to make stock. I find turkey stock to be far richer and more interesting than the bird itself, and it makes a great base for winter squash soups.

2. Turkey Soup. Great if you make it with turkey stock, but easy to make if you don’t. Try white chili, or just turkey and wild rice, starting with onions, celery, and carrots. Chop the turkey up and simmer away. Serve with a Gruyere and cranberry grilled cheese!

3. Turkey Panini. Again, this is about changing the flavor profile to make things more interesting. Assuming most of you have  a bird that was seasoned in a straightforward manner (with two notable exceptions, my spicy and Cuban friends), pair the turkey with leftover cranberry, Dijon, a sharp cheese, and go to it. Use  a heavy skillet with something to weigh the sammie down, your panini press, or the waffle iron turned to griddle side. Consider bacon and avocado with it, or an Indian chutney. Turkey is bland, address that issue.

Are you tired of turkey, or a fan of leftovers? Post a comment below, or Tweet!

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3 responses to “One Ingredient, Three Ways: Turkey Edition

  1. “Turkey is bland, address that.”
    Words have never been so true.

    I am thinking of including mine in a chili? Do you think that will work or will turkey will not hold like a chicken or ground beef?

    • The Practical Cook

      Turkey chili is great–you just need to make accommodations for texture and taste. You could either chop or shred the turkey by hand if you want more chew, or pulverize in the food processor if you want it to behave more like ground beef or chicken. Great with white beans, chopped tomatoes, and jalepenos. Smoked paprika is also nice and adds depth of flavor, not just heat.

      I will ignore your grammar if you’ll ignore my dangling prepositions. 🙂

      Have fun experimenting with your, dare I say, fire bird chili.

  2. Ignore my grammar there.

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