Turkey Template! Thanksgiving Snack Project

Gentle Readers, sometimes an idea is so inspired, it must be templatized. Such is the way with the Turkey Template. Many people have ways of creating a turkey for a snack, but this one is a mosaic. Created initially for The Eldest Practical Cook Junior‘s class snack, here is the guide:

Turkey Template!

Turkey Template!

And the instructions:

1. Oatmeal Cookie. This is worth making yourself. Delicious, and the right size for the job.

2. Nutter Butter. Thanks to Complicated Veggie for acing this one, because vegetarians have an eye for cookies that look like turkey heads.

3. Apple Slices. This is a snack project, and we have to get some health up in this joint.

4. Fruit Leather. Cut it on the bias, and let the wings fly free.

5. Candy Corn. Surely you have a few strays from Halloween around somewhere. It only requires 3 per turkey.

6. Raisin. The perfect beady turkey eye.

7. Craisin. Because I am picky like that and wanted a red wattle.

Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey Cookie Craft Completed.

Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey Cookie Craft Completed.

And of course the glue that binds, peanut butter. Just make a few copies of the template, pass out the ingredients, the “glue” and some plates, and let the magic begin.

Satisfied Turkey Template Customer!

Satisfied Turkey Template Customer!

Are you a fan of the holiday snack? Post a comment below, or Tweet on the #thanksgiving hashtag.

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Stay tuned for Fried Chicken Friday: The Pig’s Fried Chicken Reviewed.


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