Dancing Food and Happy Pigs: Iconic Food Images

Gentle Readers, as a lover of food and a marketing jingle fiend, The Practical Cook has always been fascinated by one in particular. This ditty comes from a local barbecue joint, and got burned into my brain during youth:

Eat Mr. Barbeque it’s good for you.

Eat Mr. Barbeque it’s fun to chew.

Located on Peter’s Creek Porkway.

Don’t believe me? Check out this fabulous review and photographic documentation of the previously named happy self-loathing pig.

What gives with the happy food?

The iconic hot dog who applies condiments to itself.

The iconic hot dog who applies condiments to itself.

Obviously, I find this stuff irresistible. One of my only clear memories from EPCOT as a kid was the singing vegetable group. My fair friend who took the above shot had the exact same memory when we spotted this at the N.C. State Fair:

Singing Veggies Flashback!

Singing Veggies Flashback!

And is anyone happier than the Piggly Wiggly Mascot? I think not. Why is our food so happy to be consumed? I’m hoping to make it back to the singing vegetables at EPCOT, and if I do, I’ll snap and Tweet a picture. This time I’ll listen to the presentation carefully, and perhaps then I’ll understand what makes a rutabaga sing.

Happy Thanksgiving from Mr. Pig (Piggly Wiggly Mascot)

Happy Thanksgiving from Mr. Pig (Piggly Wiggly Mascot)

Do you have a favorite dancing vegetable or carnivorous food icon? Post a comment below, or Tweet!

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Up next, it is what is turning into Controversial Ice Cream Tuesday. Yep, I’m tasting the one known as S.B.


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