One Ingredient, Three Ways: Halloween Candy

Gentle Readers, it happens every year. In good faith, The Practical Cook buys Halloween candy, but we live on the dark end of the street, too spooky for the young ones, and not strategically placed for the “candy cluster” older ones. So I purchase on the 80/20 rule, buying most of what I like least. At least it’s my 80/20 rule. This year, Skittles and KitKats.

The combined bucket of candy. It is frightening.

The combined bucket of candy. It is frightening.

But look at that collection! Between birthday parties, school parties, and parties to prepare for parties, there’s a lot of candy. But never fear, The Practical Cook is here!

One Ingredient, Three Ways: Halloween Candy

1. Win the hearts of coworkers. This can be done one of two ways: the traditional candy dish on your desk as a hospitality lure or in the anonymous feeding of the wild dogs in the break room. Both are effective, and depending on the size of the office and the size of the coworkers’ appetites, will lead them to hug or hate you.

The Caramel Apple That Eats Like a Meal

The Caramel Apple That Eats Like a Meal

2. Caramel apple topping. Inspired by my ginormous caramel apple, and the mad from-scratch skills of a faboo cook I shall call CandyCoder, here’s my cheating solution to this fair treat. Melt a few caramels (you know, the Brach’s type that are wrapped individually), dip an apple or two in the caramel and let it set slightly, roll the apple in your leftover candy (Skittles, chocolate candies chopped up, Reese’s Pieces, etc.). You can apply the same treatment to yourself, but I can not be responsible for any resulting damage.

Let's see if those Peanut M&M's are still there tomorrow, shall we?

Let's see if those Peanut M&M's are still there tomorrow, shall we?

3. Bake ’em in. Try chocolate chip cookies but replace the chips with candy chunks. Or make a boxed brownie mix special by tossing a handful of candies on the top after you pull the tray from the oven. You can now serve these as Harvest Treats. You’re welcome.

What do you do with the candy overload? Post your tips, tricks, and hints below!

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Coming tomorrow, Peanut Butter Tuna Salad. Don’t ask, do eat.



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2 responses to “One Ingredient, Three Ways: Halloween Candy

  1. Can I just say that this is AWESOME! You make me laugh. Seriously though, great ideas!

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