Seasonal Snack Review: Halloween Joe Joe’s

Gentle Reader, The Practical Cook often wonders who is reading the “up next” at the bottom of each column. If you read yesterday’s, Hi Mom!, you’ll note the change of plan. You see, the candy corn scheduled to be used in the Vampire Smiles was used for math. One simply cannot make these things up. Observe:

Math with Candy Corn!

Math with Candy Corn!

The fantastic homemade spider cupcakes were an added distraction:

Spider Cupcakes with Webbed Frosting

Spider Cupcakes with Webbed Frosting

So let it suffice to say the Vampire Smiles are coming soon, just not today. Today, a Punt! of a snack and a post, another of my favorite finds at Trader Joe’s (as observed previously, I should not shop there without a handler), the Halloween Trader Joe Joe’s:

Halloween Joe Joe's Triumvirate

Halloween Joe Joe's Triumvirate

I like Oreo’s, and so I like Joe Joe’s, generally speaking, but somehow these are better than average. Perhaps it’s because they’re fresher and in smaller batches, or because they stare jauntily back at me while I’m snacking, but I simply can’t leave them alone.

Look for this box, at your own peril:

Halloween Joe Joe's from Trader Joe Joe's (Carving Knife Optional)

Halloween Joe Joe's from Trader Joe Joe's (Carving Knife Optional)

What’s your favorite Halloween Seasonal Snack? Are you a candy corn fan? Comment below!

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2 responses to “Seasonal Snack Review: Halloween Joe Joe’s

  1. Kelly

    I actually gave myself permission last week to use these for my son’s Halloween party treat at school, given the wide constellation of activities and responsibilities last couple weeks. Store bought? GASP! I was so proud of myself for laying off the guilt trip I marched into my local TJ on Tuesday only to find that they were BOUGHT OUT for the SEASON! Can anyone say Rice Krispy treats with seasonal sprinkles mixed in??

    • The Practical Cook

      I respect your Punt! and commend your not giving in to the self-guilt trip. Next year, buy a box of these for, ahem, test purposes. 🙂

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