Weekly Menus: Week of 10/9/11

Gentle Readers, this week is jam-packed with activity, so we’ll be relying on the freezer and simplicity to save the day. Here we go.

Weekly Menus 10/9/11:

Weekly Menus: 10/9/11 (Make Way for Fried)

Weekly Menus: 10/9/11 (Make Way for Fried)

And the Four-Square Shopping List:

Four-Square Grocery List: 10/9/11

Four-Square Grocery List: 10/9/11

My CSA has ended, but there’s lots on the market, so I’ll going to market to buy some eggs, cheese, and winter greens. Stay tuned. Also thanks to Illegally Cooking, who keeps giving me the stuff from her CSA her crew won’t eat. It’s like competing on Chopped: Chestnuts and Yellow Squash anyone? To the test kitchen!

Which means:

Sunday: Fish and Squash and Greens
Simple and easy, I’ll be buying what looks good and fresh from the fishmonger, unless my Dad comes through with some flounder from the coast (fingers crossed).

Monday: Chicken Casserole
Using the rotis chicken for stock and for this make-ahead casserole.

Tuesday: Breakfast for Dinner
Punt! Easy and fruit-based.

Wednesday: Soup and Sammies
I’ll use anything leftover fridgewise to make the soup, add a can of something from the pantry, done.

Thursday: Dal and Rice
Dal and Rice for the Juniors, Deep Fried for me as the N.C. State Fair opens and my Deep Fried Journey begins!

Friday: Leftovers
Vegetables, then Corn Dogs. 🙂

Saturday: Deep Fried!
Elephant Ears, Turkey Legs, and Ham Biscuits, here I come!

What are you eating right now? And if you’re in N.C., don’t forget to buy your fair tickets. Looks like we’ve got good weather on the horizon, and there’s much Deep-Fried to be eaten. We’ll be reporting live here for the next couple of weeks, including what you can eat at home to bring the fair into the everyday!

Send your queries and leftovers to practical cook at gmail dot com. Connect on Facebook: The Practical Cook Blog. (Thanks in advance for spreading The Practical Cook Blog word. Press “like” on Facebook today!)

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Up next, Creamed Spinach, Simplified.


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