Reviews from the Road: Salted Pig Parts

Gentle Readers, there is so much to blog about from last week’s journey, but it seemed fitting to start with something close to this Southern girl’s heart: salted pig parts. Before you accuse The Practical Cook of going downmarket with such language, please be reassured the term is one of art, not one of hers.

Welcome to Boccalone at the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

Boccalone: Truth in Advertising!

Boccalone: Truth in Advertising!

They deliver on their promise. They do in fact have tasty salted pig parts, and you can try a sampler as a “meat cone,” because why reserve conical consumption for ice cream?

Boccalone Meat Cone

Boccalone Meat Cone

The small meat cone is the perfect sized snack for two people who have just waited 2 hours before devouring an insanely large brunch that involved walking all over a district called The Tenderloin. But I digress. When asked if I liked fat, I replied, yes. And lo, it is true. So we tried Lardo, Salami, and Lonza.

The Goods at Boccalone

The Goods at Boccalone

They were all amazing, and I teetered between the Lardo (mmm, fat) and Salami (which I usually do not love, but this was like porcine perfection). My dining companion voted for the Lonza, which was also fab. If I could have physically eaten more food, I would have loved to try a sandwich.

Vegetarians represent!

Vegetarians represent!

If you’re thinking to yourself, self, isn’t San Francisco a tofu-loving hippie town? Right down the way from the tasty salted pig parts-at-torium was the most beautiful display of heirloom tomatoes I have ever seen. Again, I regretted not having extra stomachs.

The point here? If you’re in San Francisco and you like food at all, go to the Ferry Building, also home to The Slanted Door (which I was not able to sample, unfortunately). And if you’re just dining locally, take the time to find shops that are producing their own cured meats. The range is amazing, and when people do it well, it’s as different from Oscar Mayer as you can possibly imagine.

Are you a fan of salted pig parts? Post a comment about your favorite kinds and sources here, or Tweet!

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