Rice-A-Roni, The San Francisco Treat (video review)

Why, oh why do I agree to take on all challenges that won’t kill me? Reading the Rice-A-Roni box gave me heart murmurs, as generally my dinner is not comprised of a litany of yellows and reds with numbers. But a faithful reader (with a devilish and fab sense of humor and irony) challenged me to taste it on air. Can this classic supper be saved? Let’s find out, shall we?

Surprisingly, the pasta and rice part of this boxed wonder is pretty tasty.

Toasting the Rice-A-Roni per Box Directions

Toasting the Rice-A-Roni per Box Directions

The problem starts when you open the spice packet. It gets worse when those special flavorings and spices warm up enough to hit the olfactory nerves. And when you taste them, it takes you back to those horrible Lipton Cup-o-Soups. Additionally, the aftertaste is bitter and lingers, coating the throat in something akin to sleeping for 8 hours with your mouth wide open.

Inside the Special Seasonings Packet of Rice-A-Roni Butter and Herb Flavored

Inside the Special Seasonings Packet of Rice-A-Roni Butter and Herb Flavored

Since this blog is posting while I’m in California, I make you the solemn promise that I will be seeking out the true treats of San Francisco, not falling for anything with a trolley on it.

Rice-A-Roni Herb and Butter "Flavor"

Rice-A-Roni Herb and Butter "Flavor"

In the end, this supper could not in fact be saved. The only salvation is if you throw out the seasoning packet and just toss it with some nice stock and a few fresh herbs.

Are you a fan of Rice-A-Roni? Post a comment below, or Tweet your boxed pasta love.

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Tomorrow, actual food, Sartori Salad with Apples and Walnuts.



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4 responses to “Rice-A-Roni, The San Francisco Treat (video review)

  1. Friea

    Nobody I know – in San Francisco – eats rice-a-roni. Yuck. The sacrifices you make for your art. Now how about a sneak peek of your favorite Brussel sprout dishes.

    • The Practical Cook

      Ha! There you have it, scientific proof that Rice-A-Roni with the flavor packet is not in fact the SF treat. : )

      Sneek peek for sprouts: best place in San Jose, Pizza Antica in Santana Row. Best recipe: slice as you would cabbage, saute in butter over high heat and serve with crisp bacon bits (carnivores) or toasted pecans (veggievores). More research TK.

      Best sprouts ever: The Eddy in Saxapahaw, NC. Undefeated and still champion.

  2. Bob

    I think to be fair, you should have used the original Rice-a-Roni chicken based version. The seasoning packet is essentially chicken bouillion and dried onion, and its not all that bad. I generally use this product when I need a quick starch side dish with my meal. Also, the oringal recipe requires that you saute the rice-pasta in butter to brown it, before adding the water and seasoning packet, so I’m not certain you even folllowed the directions correctly. I think for the cost per box, there are far worse packaged products than Rice-a-Roni.

    • The Practical Cook

      If memory serves, I did follow the directions, thus my compliment of the texture. Chicken bouillon is just not delicious to me. Just as easy to use chicken stock and fresh or dried herbs to taste.

      I stand by my packet tossing ways.

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