Long-Range Planning: Tips from a Gentle Reader

Gentle Readers, just when The Practical Cook thinks she’s hot stuff, planning her meals out a couple of weeks in advance, along comes a master. This one goes out to Wonder Woman, who kindly shared her 2-month plan (not a typo, hope you were seated) for meals. Written atop the family planning calendar, taking into account various pitfalls and tastes, it is a work of art.

Two-Month Meal Plan, Courtesy of Wonder Woman

Additional lessons here:

1. If your family likes to eat signature dishes, plot them out. Basically, if Taco Night is Tuesday, and everyone is happy about it, great. If Taco Night is a favorite that risks being overused, space it out.

2. Challenge yourself to make one or two new things a month if you are a new or reluctant cook. The Practical Cook is a born meddler, guilty of not repeating recipes often enough. If you are in the other camp, assess yourself and strive to try something new a couple of times a month. (Check out a cookbook from the library, or try Everyday Cooking magazine or another favorite.

3. Don’t fear Punting! Note how nicely Wonder Woman includes take out and leftovers. Plan for it.

4. Buy food you like. When you look at the comprehensive food picture, you may learn something about your families trends and preferences. Sorry, I’m in marketing, and I love a trending slide.

5. Keep it simple, stay out of the way. You don’t have to eat foie gras daily, and the geese of the world would prefer you didn’t anyway. Buy the best quality you can find, and don’t fuss in the preparation.

Have you ever planned your meals this far in advance? Post your accolades and questions in the comments section below. Or Tweet.

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Tomorrow, Can this frosting be saved? Doctored Frosting Punt!



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2 responses to “Long-Range Planning: Tips from a Gentle Reader

  1. Illegally Cooking

    This is a new level of awesome. I plan weekly, and I have occasionally tried to plan monthly, but the two month block is amazing!

    • The Practical Cook

      I know, it is a work of art. Was just plotting with Wonder Woman on a follow up–a review of plan after the month is up. Woot!

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