Kitchen Tool Talk: Three (More) of My Favorite Things, Engineering Edition

Gentle Readers, The Practical Cook has been hard at work in the test kitchen, but her mind has wandered to her working life. My days are filled with conversations with engineers. My childhood was filled with one too (we had the best and most well constructed forts, the fastest vehicles, etc.; thanks big bro).

Here are my tools of the trade, as a kitchen engineer.

Three More of My Favorite Things: Engineering Edition

Kitchen Toolbox: Scissors, Pencil, and Measuring Tape

Kitchen Toolbox: Scissors, Pencil, and Measuring Tape

 1. Kitchen Shears. Though I’ve mentioned them before, they’re good for all manner of this things. From cutting butcher’s twine to parchment circles to opening bottles or cutting poultry, they are the utility knife of the kitchen.

2. Pencil. For grocery lists, tracing, labeling freezer items, and more, the pencil is a classic. Mine just tend to be sparkly and covered with princesses or butterflies.

3. Measuring Tape. Sometimes you need to know the exact size of the pan, or you’d like to know if your concept of 1-inch lengths of veg are accurate.

What’s in your kitchen toolbox? Comment below. Tweet. Carrier Pigeon. I’m listening.

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Tomorrow, The Art of the Effortless Party.

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