Taste Test: Cookie Crisp Cereal vs. Crushed Chips Ahoy! (with video)

This was one taste test The Practical Cook wasn’t certain she’d survive. Challenged by a Gentle Reader to run a taste test between Cookie Crisp Cereal and Crushed Reduced Fat Chips Ahoy! (which apparently her son was eating for breakfast under the radar), I could not resist.

The Contenders in the Taste Challenge: Chips Ahoy! (Reduced Fat) vs. Cookie Crisp

The Contenders in the Taste Challenge: Chips Ahoy! (Reduced Fat) vs. Cookie Crisp

Now before you all condemn me for being a Trader Joe’s hugging hay bale eating granola freak, let me assure you that my youth was filled with a fair share of Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, and Lucky Charms. Cheerios were accompanied by spoonfuls of glorious sugar from the sugar bowl. However, I’ve never been a huge fan of chocolate for breakfast in any form (not in a croissant or a cereal bowl, nor even in a mug), and I have some serious texture issues with anything viscous (a conversation for another day).

That said, I ran the test both wet and dry, with a control of a fairly sweet, corny cereal (Honey Sunshine by Kashi). Science! I also did a test panel with no less than 5 people under age 10. What were the results? Roll the tape:

Though my youthful comrades enjoyed the Chips Ahoy! uniformly above the Cookie Crisp, they all agreed Cookie Crisp was better in milk. And several of them ate the Honey Sunshine without complaint, and couldn’t taste the chocolate in the Cookie Crisp. The box was appealing, though I miss the iconic masked bandit from the days of old, and the wee little cookies are admirable.

But seriously, this is not a test for wimps. If you have a problem with fast-dissolving cereals in general (think Frosted Flakes, but worse), do not pour milk over crushed Chips Ahoy! In the end, I agree that Chips Ahoy! taste better overall, but they make a seriously lousy cereal. I actually ate a piece of pizza after this test, just to get the taste and the texture memory out of my mouth.

Are you a fan of chocolate for breakfast? Post a comment, or Tweet!

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3 responses to “Taste Test: Cookie Crisp Cereal vs. Crushed Chips Ahoy! (with video)

  1. angela

    i am a biiig fan of cereal for breakfast and i get downright ornery if i don’t get mine, even when there are other delicious, non-cereal breakfast items around. my favorite everyday b’fast cereal = shredded wheat ‘n’ bran. i had no idea i’d become addicted when i first tried this “healthy” cereal, but in part it reminds me of my grandad who ate two of the big bricks of shredded wheat every morning. my favorite vacation cereal, ages 2-16 = sugar pops. you know, because they come in the 8-pack mini boxes that were allowed to have only on vacation growing up. my favorite vacation cereal, ages college plus = lucky charms. no explanation required.

    • The Practical Cook

      You have a temperament much like the youngest Practical Cook, who insists on Raisin Nut Bran to start the day. I am also a fan of the “hay bale” series of cereals. Lucky Charms may have to get a taste test soon. They were a fave in a previous life, I’m curious to see if they hold up to the memory.

      But I can’t emphasize enough that Chips Ahoy! make a terrible cereal! 🙂

  2. angela

    what could be better than a magically delicious treat over the holiday weekend?
    and as someone with texture issues myself, i completely feel you on the disgustingness of bashed chips ahoy! as cereal – yuck de la yuck!

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