When in Doubt, Buy Pony Plates

For the highly observant Gentle Readers, you may have noticed stray hooves and manes peeking out from behind the food lately. That is because The Practical Cook went to Anthropologie again, and this time was accompanied by The Practical Cooks Junior. We held a family meeting in the aisles, and came home with these.

Pony Plates from Anthropologie

Pony Plates from Anthropologie

Yes, those are some spectacular ponies, aren’t they? Two in blue, two in pink, and by far the girliest plates I ever hope to own. You see, The Practical Cook is admittedly a fan of crockery, but it tends to be historic (used by great aunt so and so) or, well, practical. I love my white plates. I chose them for their clean lines and simplicity.

That Grilled Cheese Has Legs!

That Grilled Cheese Has Legs!

But now there are other cooks in my kitchen, and they demand princesses and ponies. And so it shall be. Nothing makes girls night more special, and lunch atop a pony is a treat. I often choose the pink one, just because.

Perhaps I’ll have to become the Impractical Cook, just this once. Do you have some ridiculous kitchen item that you love? Was it a gift to you or by you? Post a comment, or Tweet!

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Tomorrow, more adventures in eating, A Review of The Eddy in Saxapahaw, NC.


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