Weekly Menus: Week of 9/28/2011

Gentle Readers, this week’s edition of weekly menus is taxing my powers of forethought and planning. You see, I’m going remote again. As you’re reading this, presuming you’re reading it on Sunday over a cup of coffee, I’ll be in the air, heading for Las Vegas, to play in  a charity dodgeball tournament, amongst other things.

Footage from last year’s tourney:

Our charity is Wounded Warriors, a great cause, completely worth taking  a hit to the head. Did I mention I was the only girl on our team? Yeah, I’ll be sure to share the video, especially if I can work food in somehow.

Back to business, here’s the menu line-up. Shout out to The Practical Cook’s Mom for holding down the fort/kitchen while I’m out and about.

Weekly Menus

Weekly Menus: Week of 8/28/2011

Weekly Menus: Week of 8/28/2011

Four-Square Shopping List:

Four-Square Shopping List: 8/28/2011

Four-Square Shopping List: 8/28/2011

CSA from Brinkley Farms:

Taking the week off, will double-order next week to make it up.

Which translates to:

Sunday: Sandwiches
I’ve got choices galore, from bologna to avocado to hummus to PB and J. I carpetbombed the sammie aisle basically.

Monday: Lasagna and Salad
Now I just have to finish this blog and make that lasagna to leave behind. If  TPC’s Mom needs to punt, I bought tortellini, too.

Tuesday: Leftovers
Because you can only eat so much people. Reference the sandwich list above. I could feed you all from my fridge right now.

Wednesday: Chicken Pie
Made by church ladies and imported from my hometown, a sure-fire hit with the crowd.

Thursday: Taco Night!
It really needs an exclamation point, but requires no explanation.

Friday: Leftovers/Pasta
I’ll be back in the driver’s seat on Friday, but completely wiped out. So we’ll see if I decompress by cooking, Punting!, or drowning my sorrows in a bowl of cereal.

Saturday: Dine Out!
There must be a food truck somewhere with my name on it!

What do you make when you aren’t there to make it? Discuss in the comments below.

Send your ideas and questions to practical cook at gmail dot com. Connect on Facebook: The Practical Cook Blog. (Thanks in advance for spreading The Practical Cook Blog word. Press “like” on Facebook today!)

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Up tomorrow, a Rise and Shine: Cinnamon Rolls, From a Can.


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