Weekly Menus: Week of 8/21/2011

Gentle Readers, The Practical Cook is writing this with bleary eyes this morning post a trip down memory lane in the form of live music. This may be reflected in the simplicity of the menus that follow. Special shout-out to Illegally Cooking for the latte (decaf and skim, of course) that made this blog possible at all.

One item of note, going forward, I’ll try to note alternative food sources. IC pointed out that the menus seemed like clown cars sometimes, where I produced complex menus having bought practically nothing. I have a big pantry, a deep freezer, and a farming family, so I’ve got a lot of food on hand and incoming  not reflected on the shopping lists. Good question!

But for now, here’s the Weekly Menu:

Weekly Menus: Week of 8/21/2011

Weekly Menus: Week of 8/21/2011

The Four-Square Grocery List:

Four-Square Grocery List: 8/21/2011

Four-Square Grocery List: 8/21/2011

The CSA from Brinkley Farms:

1 pk chorizo
2 lbs cucumbers
1 bag yellow corn meal

Which translates into:

Sunday: Tortellini and Sauce
We’re hosting Sunday night dinner for a fleet, so I’m making my life easy.

Monday: Beef and Veg
Just took this out of the freezer to thaw. We’re having steak with mushrooms, potatoes, and peas.

Tuesday: Grilled Cheese
Seriously, this is Punt! week. Lots of things happening with the beginning of school.

Wednesday: Farmer’s Market Surprise
My guess is this will turn into breakfast for dinner, a family favorite.

Thursday: Hot Dogs
Because sometimes, that’s the answer. May go crazy and do pigs in a blanket. I know, stand back.

Friday: Mexican
Flying Mayans in burrito or nacho form, or possibly a casserole of some stripe.

Saturday: Dine Out!

And now, The Practical Cook is going back to sleep. The working, walking, shopping, and cleaning will have to wait! Special happy birthday to my supplier of local cow, my big brother! Love you!

What’s on the menu for you all this week? Post a comment, or Tweet!

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Up next, a review of the Chirba Chirba Dumpling Truck!


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