Kitchen Tool Talk: Three (More) of My Favorite Things, Organization

Sometimes, simple is best. And proximity is even better. Today, The Practical Cook celebrates both in her three favorite things. Here they are:

Cutlery organizer, Countertop, Dishwasher, Together Again

Cutlery organizer, Countertop, Dishwasher, Together Again

1. Cutlery Organizer. This is my very favorite cabinet upgrade. I designed this kitchen myself, and I have a set of formal cutlery, and an inherited one. They both mean a lot to me, and it’s hard to find a way to store and use it. Bring on the bi-level organizer drawer. It’s built for this, doesn’t take up extra space, and I love it.

2. Countertops. Due to recent kitchen re-org, the countertops are now visible and usable. Huzzah! Nothing is more wonderful than open countertop space in the kitchen. You can make more waffles that way, run 2 projects at once, or have a place to put things down.

3. Dishwasher. With kids, it runs constantly. Better still, they can load and unload it. And with a clean countertop at hand, and the cutlery drawer right there, it’s fast and easy to get the job done. Score one for placement.

What do you love, or hate, about your kitchen arrangement? These are the things I love, more on the latter in another post. Post your thoughts below in a comment, or Tweet!

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