Food Truck Rodeo: A Short Story

Gentle Readers, do you ever have one of those good ideas on paper moments? My classic example is the all-day outdoor concert. Wow, that sounds like fun. Buy a ticket. Anticipate. Go. Curse the parking, the crowds, the heat, and the lack of indoor plumbing. See and maybe even hear good music. Admit you’re old and cranky and prefer smaller venues.

Durham Food Truck Rodeo Mob Scene

Durham Food Truck Rodeo Mob Scene

This is, I’m afraid my sentiment about my second Food Truck Rodeo. The first time we went, it was raining and the competition was not so fierce. This time, the one held in Durham’s Central Park was well advertised and very well attended. We had to Punt! and attempted to go to Geer Street Garden. They, bless them, were also packed.

Food was found, and the emergency snack crackers were used, but a valuable lesson was learned. I don’t like to wait in long lines for food. Ever. When I’m hungry, I’m hungry. And the capacity of a food truck to feed the masses is not extreme. This week I’m going to stalk the new dumpling truck, Chirba Chirba, but I fear the same end result.

So these are my pictures of the crowd, some highlights of the day. I am sure the food was delish, and hats off to everyone for supporting an awesome movement of small businesses. For me, I will go at off hours, when no one is looking. Because I do need to commune with my Rib Sliders and Sweet Potato Fries in quieter ways.

What do you think of Food Truck Rodeos? Mass chaos or fun dining? Post a comment or Tweet!

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2 responses to “Food Truck Rodeo: A Short Story

  1. ellen

    That’s just how I felt when I went to a food truck rodeo in Durham last year or the year before (in the parking lot behind Sam’s). The line in front of every truck was about an hour long, and almost all of them ran out of food. But the point I took home was: I saw trucks I didn’t know existed, and told myself to check them out sometime–in another setting.

    • The Practical Cook

      Excellent point about using it as a visual research opportunity. I do like to eyeball the truck, the length of the line, etc. to determine my future mobile dining options!!

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