Weekly Menus: Week of 8/14/2011

Next week begins the preparation for another business trip, back to school, and sprouting some wings and flying. Yes, it is going to be busy. However, with a bit of planning and prep, hopefully we’ll continue to eat well and survive. Fingers crossed. Here’s the plan.

Weekly Menus:

Weekly Menus: 8/14/2011

Weekly Menus: 8/14/2011

Four-Square Grocery List:

Four-Square Grocery List: 8/14/2011

Four-Square Grocery List: 8/14/2011

CSA from Brinkley Farms:

1 pk sweet Italian sausage
1 bag shelled cream peas (craving Hoppin’ John after my trip to Crook’s Corner)

Which translates into:

Sunday: Food Truck Rodeo
Yeah, that’s a hot link, in all senses of the term. If you’re in NC, anywhere in NC, check it out. I’ll be the one passed out like Homer Simpson.

Monday: Beef and Veg
I will thaw something from my cow reserve, TBD, and serve with veggies.

Tuesday: Soup
This will be a batch cooking gig, using up the leftover beef from yesterday.

Wednesday: Indian
Will try to cook this in advance, also in a large quantity, to freeze in portions. Nothing like dal at hand. And buttermilk okra with curry leaves, for the win.

Thursday: Eggplant TBD and Salad
I will punt with eggplant, either Turkish or Italian. Will keep you posted.

Friday: Leftover surprise
I may surprise myself and call the pizza place after this week. 🙂

Saturday: Dine Out
Let’s just say, there may be something wrong with my toast this day. (That would be a reference to a most excellent local band, whose show I will be attending Saturday. Rock.)

What are you eating this week? If it sounds good, I might invite myself over. Post a comment below, or Tweet.

Send your pictures and questions to practical cook at gmail dot com. Connect on Facebook: The Practical Cook Blog. (Thanks in advance for spreading the Practical Cook Blog word. Press “like” on Facebook today!)

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Tomorrow, Shepherd’s Pie, TPC Style.


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