Taste Test: Moon Pie vs. Choco Pie (with video)

Let’s open the confessional again, shall we? Though deeply Southern, The Practical Cook does not care for Moon Pies. There, it is now out in the open. I can almost hear the rolling eyes, what does TPC actually like to eat? (Answer, German Chocolate Cake, in all its forms, more on that later.)

Snack Pie Showdown: Moon Pie vs Choco Pie

Snack Pie Showdown: Moon Pie vs Choco Pie

However, when my friend Rocking Writer handed over a Choco Pie, the Korean answer to a Moon Pie, with the comment that it is supposedly a superior Moon Pie, of course I’m going to try it, on camera. (You must read the Wikipedia info on Choco Pies, fascinating.)

The Test

The results were mixed. Though the Choco Pie had a more pleasing aroma and was tastier at room temperature, the Moon Pie won the microwave challenge by a mile. Conclusion: if you like Moon Pies, try microwaving them for just under 30 seconds. If you’re not a fan, just make some S’mores.

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Tomorrow, one more new product review: Ben and Jerry’s German Chocolate Ice Cream. Yeah, it’s a thin justification to eat more German Chocolate goodness.


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9 responses to “Taste Test: Moon Pie vs. Choco Pie (with video)

  1. Amy

    I LOVE this taste test! Brilliant idea to warm it up in the microwave. I admit, I have never tried either a Moon Pie or a Choco Pie. Shameful, I know. For the chocolate cake and marshmallow filling combination, I strongly recommend Maine’s culinary contribution to the genre: the whoopie pie. Here’s the recipe I like best:


    • The Practical Cook

      I think Whoopie pies, particularly homemade, are much better. Softer and more cakey, with the filling. In fact, I’m willing to sacrifice and taste one on camera. Especially if you make it. 🙂

  2. Amy

    You’ve got a deal!

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  4. The Wikipedia says that Choco Pies are from South Korea.

    I grew up in New England where there are NO Moon Pies – but there is something similar – Scooter Pies.

    • The Practical Cook

      Interesting. I have never had a scooter pie. How does it rank?

      • I’ve had both pies – the scooter and the moon – and they’re about the same. I suspect (though I have no evidence to support this) that it’s the same recipe, just licensed to another bakery.

        I do seem to recall that the scooter pies were larger. But my memory may be skewed by the fact that I was much younger (and therefore smaller) when I had them.

  5. Thanks for finally talking about >Taste Test:
    Moon Pie vs. Choco Pie (with video) | The Practical Cook <Loved it!

  6. Lee

    Choco pie is from Korea… As a Korean speaking.., the best way that we normally eat Choco pie is either putting in the freezer or refrigerator, not heating up! 🙂

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