Three of My New Favorite Indgredients (Or Why I Should Not Shop Alone)

Gentle Readers, today’s post is by the Eldest Practical Cook Junior, who was greatly amused at the thought of me skipping down the aisles tossing items into the cart with abandon. The Practical Cook must admit, a research trip to the grocery store borders on nirvana for her. So here it is, a post for her, but I shall not scan and share the receipt that went along with it.

Three of My New Favorite Ingredients

Let the record show, for thematic purposes, all items are from Trader Joe’s. I also find that shopping there frees me from some of my stricter shopping rules. I don’t know if it’s the relatively small size of the store, the random factor, or the Hawaiian-print shirts, but into my cart items leap.

As a further disclaimer, if you want serious ingredients, with gorgeous pictures and actual useful information, visit my friend David Schiller’s blog, aptly named The Ingredients.

Ciabatta, Cookies, and Walnuts from Trader Joe's

Ciabatta, Cookies, and Walnuts from Trader Joe's

1. Ciabatta. Though not new, the Trader Joe’s version is quite respectable, and stales quickly enough to become fabulous French Toast. You may all be jealous of my breakfast tomorrow. It also made a great tomato sandwich.

2. Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies. These are great for teaching spelling, um right. And when that gets old, toss them in the food processor and make a cookie crumb crust. These were featured in yesterday’s Personal Banana Pudding recipe as one of the crumb contributors.

3. California Walnut Halves and Pieces. Gentle Readers, I have a walnut problem, but I just bought them for the first time at Trader Joe’s. Wow, they are really tasty. I do eat them straight up, but also slip them into pancakes, muffins, parfaits, trail mix, and whatever else. These are can’t miss. Seriously.

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Tomorrow, live and on video, Which Tastes Better, Moon Pie or Choco Pie?



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