Foie Gras Tasting: Love It or Liver It (with video)

Gentle Readers, today’s post is not for the faint of heart, or the ahem, lily-livered. Do pardon, some puns simply can’t be avoided. True confession, though The Practical Cook is a food fan, she had never tried foie gras before a recent meal, high atop Las Vegas, in a little place called the Mix.

Inside the Mix in Las Vegas

Inside the Mix in Las Vegas

The Mix Menu

The Mix Menu

It is gorgeous, with a lovely view, and amazing service. The hazelnut quotient was a touch high for me (as anything above zero would be), but the food was lovely, especially the starters, coordinated by friend and fellow foodie Apps Strategist. In corporate-speak, we most definitely executed on the apps strategy: tuna tartare, gnocchi, and charcuterie. (Something with shrimp was ordered too, but I declined the dish and the trip to the ER.)

The Apps: Tuna Tartare, Charcuterie, and Gnocchi (already eaten, oops)

The Apps: Tuna Tartare, Charcuterie, and Gnocchi (already eaten, oops)

The pinnacle was tasting foie gras for the first time. I’m a reasonably adventurous eater (less the hazelnuts/shrimp/licorice trifecta), and a liver fan, but I’ve never done foie gras, for myriad reasons. Roll the tape (and forgive the bad camera work, I blame the Cabernet).

It was good, really good. I wouldn’t want to eat it every day, and not even that much at once. It is unctuousness personified. And there are the goose rights issues as well. But as a very rare item, done well, it was truly amazing, both in texture and in taste. It should practically come with a side of Lipitor, it’s so rich, is fluffier than other livers in texture, and less iron-y, with bacon notes. We both ate more than the required sample.

Foie Gras, at Last We Meet

Foie Gras, at Last We Meet

If you have a chance to go to the Mix, by all means do so. Thanks to the friends and colleagues who made the meal something special, in tone and conversation. Great food is indeed heightened by good wine, the perfect setting, and gifted conversationalists. Salud!

Are you liver foe or fan? Have you tried foie gras? Post a comment or Tweet away.

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Tomorrow, it’s Kitchen Tool Talk, Three (More) of My Favorite Things.

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