Hazelnuts, Why Do You Mock Me?

Gentle Readers, what is up with hazelnuts these days? They seem to be creeping out of the woodwork into the every day lives of innocent people. The trip to Las Vegas was full of them, like little rancid land mines. Yes, for those who aren’t clear on the Practical Cook’s stance, I hate hazelnuts. I hate them whole, in paste form, crushed, and especially as Nutella.

Thanks to my colleagues who have offered/threatened to fill my cube with them. Do so at your peril. Payback is never pretty. (Looking at you Virtually Cooking and Buttercup.) What follows are three close encounters of the hazelnut kind, all within 72 hours. The dark side of One Ingredient, Three Ways.

1. Hazelnut syrup, coffee station.

Who would do that to coffee?

Who would do that to coffee?

2. Madeleines with Nutella on the side. I had mine plain, needless to say.

Fresh Warm Madeleine, Sans Nutella

Fresh Warm Madeleine, Sans Nutella

3. Hazelnut flag cake. I will not pledge allegiance to this.

Hazelnut Flag Cake

Hazelnut Flag Cake

Do you find yourself stalked by a hated ingredient? Post a comment or Tweet.

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Coming up tomorrow, Summer Thanksgiving, Vegetarian Style.

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