Punt! Airport Delays Mean Cereal

Gentle Readers, sometimes life moves fast and in multiple time zones. Though I’ve had the best of intentions, I’ve discovered that New York may never sleep, but Las Vegas is hyper-oxygenated and full of coworkers I don’t get to hang out with often. So the blogs are happening at hours I dare not mention, lest The Practical Cook’s Mom raise the dreaded eyebrow at me.

Speaking of raised eyebrows, TPCM would very likely not approve of the erratic nature of today’s sustenance. Arriving home at 1 am after a rain-soaked flight, a slightly lost car in long-term parking (shout-out to colleague and friend B.Cloud for the tip about using the car alarm to find it), and a truly horrific sandwich from Quiznos, I could not find the strength to post about the elaborate meals of the week.

In a week of excess, I missed one thing. Cereal. For my sister inside the box, @convertiblelife, here’s my dinner.

Recovery Cereal

Recovery Cereal

My bowls are not ginormous, but the milk is from cows I could actually meet in person, er, bovine. And the cereal is a personal fave, laden with enough delicious cholesterol to fell an ox, and lovingly called “purple granola” in honor of its fine Trader Joe’s packaging. Welcome Home.

Tomorrow, back to the kitchen. What’s your recovery food? Post a comment, controversial or nay, or Tweet!

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2 responses to “Punt! Airport Delays Mean Cereal

  1. My airport parking strategy is quieter: I take a photo of the sign nearest my car with my phone, and then I look at it when the bus is bringing me back.

    Welcome home!

    • The Practical Cook

      Great (and quieter) solution. I’ll add a photo of the elevator I used to get there (I had to park somewhat remotely), and then I’ll be set.

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